A Trillion Trees ? PlantAhead

 PlantAhead Conference – 9th March 2018

The long awaited PlantAhead conference is only two days away! The whole Crowther Lab will be driving to Monaco to attend and educate ourselves further on their mission. Here is a short blog about what they have done, what they intend to do and what you could do to help.

A Billion Trees

In 2007, the then 9 year old Felix Finkbeiner turned what was initially a school project into a global organisation – Plant-for-the-Planet. Their goal was to offset the damage caused by carbon emissions. They planned to do this by planting a billion trees in every country around the world. This ambitious goal attracted the attention from prominent supporters like Harrison Ford and Prince Albert of Monaco which helped them gain momentum and set their sights even higher.

The Trillion Trees Campaign

Felix and Tom became acquainted when Plant-for-the-Planet needed to find out how many trees there were on the planet. This would help them to estimate how many more would need to be planted. In September 2015 while studying at the Yale School of Forestry, Tom successfully generated a spatially explicit map of tree density across the world. He discovered that there are over three trillion trees on earth which is substantially more than initially thought. While this appears to be a positive discovery, the reality is far more depressing. We lose around 9.5 billion trees a year to deforestation and over time have destroyed 46% of the earth’s entire tree population.

Leafy Canopy

“If one thousand multinational companies and billionaires planted one billion trees each, that would already be enough to achieve our goal of one trillion trees by 2020,” says Felix Finkbeiner


The new information on tree population means that Plant-for-the-Planet have increased the number they hope to plant over the next couple of years. The Billion Tree Campaign is now the Trillion Tree Campaign. While this new number is daunting, Plant-for-the-Planet have ramped up their efforts and have planted over 14 billion trees worldwide.

The PlantAhead conference on the 9th March invites influential people to come and meet Plant-for-the-Planet’s Climate Justice Ambassadors. There will be a range of speakers and various activities at the conference in the hope of encouraging support for Plant-for-the-Planet’s goal. For those who are unable to attend the conference in person, the event will be live-streamed via Facebook and Youtube. If you would like to make a contribution, you can donate here, and receive your Tree-certificate ?.

We will be getting up at the crack of dawn on the 8th March, scramble into two vans and make our way to Monaco in full force ?. The communications team will be documenting the entire trip, so keep a look out for our road trip style video.

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