Ahead of their conference in March 2018, Plant-for-the-Planet wanted to find out some of our favourite facts about trees. It’s not a secret that at the Crowther Lab we’re pretty big fans of trees, that’s why it was difficult to choose just ten. Still, here are our top ten tacts about trees:

  • Trees influence both global and local water cycle! By using efficient water resources, they can literally make the rain fall locally.
  • The tallest trees in the world can make more than 100 metres (sequoias) and contain as much carbon per tree as we can have in one hectare of forest in a classic temperate regions.


  • Strategies to grow/resist are incredible. One of the most common is the shedding leaves to resist cold or dry conditions. Another is the opening of stomatas only during the night for gas exchanges.
  • They are all connected by a belowground web of hyphae that allow them to translocate water, nutrients and information.


  • They can be as big below the ground as they are above.
  • They give structure to the ground that we walk on.


  • Longest living organisms and they never die of old age.
  • Pine trees are the only species in the whole world that uses cones to spread seeds, and those cones also have genders.


  • If a birdhouse is hung on a tree branch, it does not move up the tree as the tree grows.
  • By solely relying on environmental signals such as temperature and day-length, trees are able to precisely time their annual growing seasons over time and space, thereby maximizing carbon gain, while at the same time minimizing any risk of being exposed to adverse weather conditions, such as frost or drought.