Understanding and addressing climate change.

Our mission

Our mission is simple and straightforward: We want to help to find climate change solutions using cutting-edge global scale science.

To achieve this, we need to better understand the ecological processes that govern the climate, and predict how ecosystems will change over time. With this understanding we aim to define targeted and measurable actions able to mitigate anthropogenic climate change.

Our approach

Historic efforts to classify global ecosystems were based purely on top-down satellite imagery, but we are now at the start of a data science revolution that can drastically enhance our ecological understanding. We do this by pairing satellite data with real, ground-sourced data collected from millions of locations around the world through our global networks of ecologists. This bottom-up methodology is revolutionizing our ability to understand and address climate change.

Our research allows them to:

1. better allocate resources– identifying those regions which, if restored appropriately, could have the biggest climate impact.

2. set realistic goals – with measurable targets to maximize the impact of restoration projects.

3. monitor progress – to evaluate whether targets are being achieved over time, and take corrective action

Who we are and what we do

We are Earth scientists, remote sensing experts, community ecologists, ecosystem ecologists, Earth system modelers, programmers, physiologists, mathematicians, molecular biologists, physicists and biochemists.

While most labs in the world focus on one of these areas, the Crowther lab’s work is interdisciplinary, identifying the most important questions from different angles and focusing on holistic results.

Meet the Lab

We are an interdisciplinary research group developing a fundamental and holistic understanding of global-scale ecology in order to understand and address climate change.

Would you like to join our team? At the moment we are actively looking for female Postdocs.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Crowther

Professor and lab founder

Dr. Constantin Zohner


Dr. Kailiang Yu


Devin Routh

Research and data scientist

Dr. Johan van den Hoogen

Postdoc and lab manager

Dr. Jean-François Bastin


Dr. Sabiha Majumder


Iris Hordijk

PhD student

Julia Maschler

PhD student

Joe Wan

PhD student

Felix Finkbeiner

PhD student

Lidong Mo

PhD student

Thomas Lauber

Master’s student

Haozhi Ma

Master’s student

Tanja Koch

Master’s student

Deborah Zani

Master’s student

Niamh Robmann

Master’s student

Emily Clark

Research assistant

Thomas Elliott

Business development director

Patricia Schmidt

Communications director

Dr. Daniel Maynard


Dr. Colin Averill


Dr. Mark Anthony