Who we are and what we do.

Our research in a nutshell

Generating a fundamental understanding of global ecology is necessary to understand and address the global threats of biodiversity loss and climate change.

We aim to find scientific solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss

By generating quantitative models of the Earth’s ecology, our research has revealed that it is possible to offset climate change by restoring plants and soils across the globe. Now, our research aims to generate the ecological mapping tools to guide global restoration efforts. These maps can show where we should focus restoration efforts to have the greatest impacts on carbon capture or biodiversity. It also helps us to understand the climate consequences of these actions. This global ecological research is necessary for us to understand and address climate change.

Building global models from global networks of scientists on the ground

Historically, we have always used satellites to characterize global ecosystems from the ‘top-down’. But this doesn’t allow us to see the trees and microorganisms that exist below the canopy surface. Now, at the start of big data revolution, we can build our models from bottom up, using real on the ground data from scientists across the globe. By combining this information with satellite imagery and environmental data we can generate quantitative global models describing all living parts of the ecosystem and the carbon they store.

Meet the Lab

We are an interdisciplinary research group developing a fundamental and holistic understanding of global-scale ecology in order to understand and address climate change.

Would you like to join our team? At the moment we are actively looking for female Postdocs.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Crowther

Lead scientist and lab founder

Emily Clark

Research Assistant

Dr. Daniel Maynard

Lead Scientist

Dr. Sabiha Majumder


Dr. Constantin Zohner

Lead scientist

Iris Hordijk

PhD Student

Dr. Jean-François Bastin


Julia Maschler

PhD Student

Devin Routh

Senior Scientist

Niamh Robmann

Master's Student

Dr. Colin Averill


Thomas Elliott

Business Development Director

Tara Lasrado

Head of Arts and Culture

Dr. Johan van den Hoogen

Senior Scientist and Lab Manager

Joe Wan

PhD Student

Tanja Koch

Master's Student

Felix Finkbeiner

PhD Student

Dr. Mark Anthony


Patricia Schmidt

Communications Director

Lidong Mo

PhD Student

Deborah Zani

Master's Student

Dr. Kailiang Yu


Thomas Lauber

Master's Student

Haozhi Ma

Master's Student