A Week of Meetings – Jean-François Part 3

By Jean-François Bastin

This week, Jean-François has been on the road, presenting at conferences and meeting with fellow researchers. His last stop took him from Paris to Geneva. Here it is, the third and final instalment of Jean-Francois’ week of meetings.

What happened next Jean-Francois?

After the conference in Paris, I went to the United Nation Development Program office (UNDP) in Geneva. This was to participate as an expert in forestry at a meeting on the state of Central African forest. This meeting was done under the form of a roundtable discussion and was organized by the Central Africa Forest Initiative (CAFI, supported by a trust fund and managed by United Nations multi-partnerships). CAFI is willing to support sustainable development of countries in Central Africa while aiming at conserving forest, reduce deforestation and forest degradation.

An important part of the discussion concerned the potential support of CAFI to the re-dynamisation of forest logging activities. Some support that this is the best way to maintain high forest forest cover in the country through sustainable management. Others suggest this might put them at risk of carbon storage and wildlife conservation

What did you present whilst there?

I presented data and insights from the scientific literature regarding current debates and consensus on the impacts of the forestry sector in the region. Whilst acknowledging the consensus around the regeneration of carbon stocks after logging, it was also recognised that there is no universal time reference for full regeneration and impact on wildlife.

At the end of an 10-hour-long meeting, I was happy to travel back to Zurich. I met up with the Eagles Sharks straight away (our lab football team), who had just won a game. A nice wrap-up to an exciting week.