Inspired by nature.
Driven by science.

Guiding restoration and climate mitigation projects across the world with cutting edge ecological science.

We have now mapped the global networks of forests that allow trees to access nutrients and grow. Just like an MRI helps to understand how the brain works, this maps helps us to finally see how global ecosystems are connected and function.

Our maps guide effective restoration projects by providing critical insights into which type of trees can be supported in what region of the world. And they help us to build better models to predict the future changes in climate. To learn more visit our pageflow here or read the full paper here.

Our models reveal that there are 3 trillion trees on Earth, more than seven times the number previously estimated.

As a result, the UN's trillion tree campaign has been converted to the UN's trillion tree campaign. To learn more watch the video here or read the full paper here.

Our research shows that due to climate warming, soils could emit an extra 55 Gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change by up to 17%

As a result our numbers have been incorporated into the IPCC’s climate change projection. To learn more watch the video here or read the full paper here.