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Guiding restoration and climate mitigation projects across the world with
cutting edge ecological science.

Mapping fungi across the globe.

We mapped the global mycorrhizal network (the wood wide web). These maps allow restoration projects to identify which types of trees can be restored in which regions. To learn more, see the pageflow or read the full paper.

Warming soils accelerate climate change by 12-15%.

As we warm the planet, the soil emits an extra 1.5 Gt of carbon into the atmosphere each year. Our findings are being incorporated into the IPCC models to improve predictions of future climate. To learn more, watch the video or read the full paper.

3 trillion trees on Earth.

We mapped the three trillion trees that exist on our planet. Now the UN’s billion-tree-campaign has been converted to the trillion-tree-campaign, and they can identify the most important regions to focus. For details, see the video or read the paper.