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3 Trillion

There are 3 trillion trees on Earth

Our models reveal that there are 3 trillion trees on Earth, more than seven times the number previously estimated. Around 15 billion are lost each year, making human interference the strongest control factor on tree abundance and global carbon household. 

As a result of our findings Plant-for-the-Planet, with the support of the UN Environment Program, have upscaled their tree planting targets. What was initially the billion tree campaign is now the trillion tree campaign.

Our science has also formed the basis for other campaigns such as ‘Trillion trees’, a collaboration between WCS, WWF – UK and BLI.
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Could accelerate climate
change by 12 – 17%

55 Gt of soil carbon loss

As the global temperatures rise and the soil warms, a predicted 55 gigatons of carbon could be emitted into the atmosphere. This is roughly the equivalent carbon emission of the U.S.

Our studies show that this enhanced soil carbon loss could accelerate climate change by 12-17%, a number that has since been incorporated into the IPCC’s climate change projections.
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